Why is Crossfit Iron Shamrock better than my gym?

The business model for most franchised gyms is inactive members. They would prefer that you sign up and never come in. You may get a tour of the gym, or a quick overview of the equipment with a trainer, but you’re on your own after the first one-hour session. They aren’t there to ensure that your technique is good, or to encourage you when you get tired. At Crossfit Iron Shamrock, we believe in earning your loyalty.

If you haven’t come in in a week, we notice. So will the members you’ve grown accustomed to working out with. You can expect a call or an email, or even a friendly call out on Facebook, encouraging you to come in and have fun.

Our coaches teach better technique. We’re on the lookout to maximize workouts and prevent injuries. At Crossfit Iron Shamrock, we will help you improve your form. Don’t be afraid to ask!

No initiation fees and no contracts. In fact, your first full week (three classes) for free at Crossfit Iron Shamrock is free! Try us out. You won’t be disappointed.