What makes Crossfit Iron Shamrock so different from all the other programs out there, including P90X, boot camps, park fitness classes, and traditional gyms?

Admittedly, most of our functional movements and exercises aren’t ground-breaking or new. However, the way we mix them up and combine that with knowledgeable eyes-on coaching, mobility and nutrition advice is second to none.

If you’re working out at home, you risk bad technique and probably not pushing your strength potential. At an ordinary Bootcamp, they vary exercises, but it’s difficult to find certified coaching. Gyms, provide great equipment, but there’s no one to help you to gauge your intensity.

Is coaching affordable? Is there enough equipment available? Is your gym laid out so that you can maintain intensity safely? Is anyone talking to you about nutrition? Simply stated, our dose of exercise programming is the most potent out there.

The community that makes up Crossfit Iron Shamrock makes it fun to come in and work out. Working out is hard, but suffering through a work out with friends makes it a whole lot easier!