Tiffany Ferlmann

Having a passion for helping others combined with a love for natural health care made creating The Shamrock a natural fit. Family has always been the heartbeat that gives purpose to Tiffany. Starting The Shamrock, meant that it had to have a sense of family and home for the clients that walked through the door. When originally opening the gym, we were focused on CrossFit. At the time, we felt it was the perfect choice for all fitness needs. As we gained knowledge and understanding, we discovered that while there are benefits for high intensity fitness, not everyone needs to do it, every day. As we have grown, we have discovered that through education we have the ability to help people in a broader range. Too many people feel that in order to make gains in fitness, your exercise program needs o leave you drained on the floor. What we have learned is that fitness comes in discovering what YOUR body needs. Movement is medicine, and if we unlock the keys to what our bodies need, our body can begin healing. We want to live life the way we want….without hurting when doing the things that make living fun for us. Bridging the gap between the gym and the healthcare system seemed like the answer to what our gym was missing. This gives us the opportunity to truly help people move into their futures as their best self….which is what ignites the joy and fire within Tiffany.


Education & Certifications:
-USA Weightlifting Level 1
-Crossfit Level 1
-Adaptive and Inclusive Training