Alec Ferlmann

Alec grew up with a very active lifestyle. Alec has golfed his whole life and loves playing basketball and volleyball. He won state in basketball when he was 13. He did have to stop playing golf for a couple of years because his spine got pulled to the side but with personal training, he is back to playing whenever he wants.

Growing up with such an active childhood, it only made sense that he would enjoy being part of the gym at The Shamrock. Originally from Illinois, Alec decided to attend UCF and liked being in Florida. He decided to stay and help his family with running the gym.

While Alec has his L1 he typically does administrative work for the gym and is often the first that a new member talks to. He loves being able to guide people in the correct direction that they need to go to become healthy or even just stay healthy. Helping people has always been one of Alec’s greatest wishes, and he gets to do that at the gym, every day.


Education & Certifications:
-Crossfit Level 1